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Trip Tracker is a social travel mapping service that allows its users to share stories of their travel experiences with friends, family or anyone who is travelling around the world. Where they have visited, what they have seen and the emotions they felt, all of these exciting experiences can be documented using this website. It is free to sign up for an account.

Trip Tracker Travel Journal

Trip Travel Journals are like blog entries that combine photos and comments of the user at a particular location. Photos are added using the uploader application and it will be categorised by entries which are displayed on a map based on where it was taken. You can edit your journals and annote these entries (e.g. RSS Feeds or embedding your trip into widgets) to give useful tips/recommandations to fellow users and travellers.

If users have a GPS receiver, he or she is able to create a GPS track, a file which contains data on the geographical location of the destination (time stamp, GPS coordinates etc.) they have travelled along with the GPS receiver. All these data that has been captured using the GPS receiver can be uploaded onto Trip Tracker using a computer. Trip Tracker will this data to pin point the exact location of the journal entry with photos taken and display the user’s travel path on satellite imagery, allowing them to share their trails and experiences with everyone.

What are some of O’Reilly’s pattern of “Innovation In Assembly” found in Trip Tracker?

API for its web services: Trip Tracker provides API for 3rd party developers. Users need to register for an API key before he or she is able to have access to the API. Using Trip Traveller API, users can create applications with functionalities such as updating of journal entries and search for areas around the globe with its respective coordinates. Avaliable in REST Protocol or NET Library formats.

Design for remixability: Trip Tracker supports different data formats and delivery mechanisms. For example, the GPS Track File is supported by alot of different formats. Some examples are GPS Exchange Format (GPX), Google Maps XML, Garmin Mapsource(mps) and MapTech Exchange Format. Merging and splitting of journal entries chronologically creates new entries based on the time span of the photos.

Granular addressability of content: Users are able to access certain parts of the website they want at the time they want to. For example, journal entries can be embedded as widgets to be displayed at a small corner of your blog. Users can also suscribe and search for RSS Feeds of a particular trip.

Use Existing Standards: Formatting of journal entries are done using BBCode or BBTags. It is a mark up language used in many different forums.

Other links:

Video Demo on how Trip Tracker displays the photos against Google Map:


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  1. Since most people uses facebook, they can keep track with their friends who travels alot that uses this application TripTracker even if the user does not register to the application. Nice work.

  2. i hope the mobile version will be released soon. it will make the app even more appealing.

  3. Wow! What a great example for a site that uses ‘innovation in assembly’. I think that this site has a lot to offer to users, its’ a great way to for people to document their travels, but also great the site is designed for remixability!! I agree with the above post, I think launching a mobile version will make this site even richer!!

    • Most people are using smartphones today that have GPS so it’s definately more viable to have it on a mobile platform. Users can record their journey as they go along which will further enchance user experience.

  4. Wow! Im going to a 6 month trip next year and we want to register everything in a blog and this app. really is going to help! However I agree with Mindy and they should lunch asap a mobile version to make it “Pro”


    • From a programmer’s point of view it might be complicated to port this application over to mobile platforms so i guess we have to be patient. I hope they can implement a “live” journey experience where users who are on the go can upload live video feeds onto the website for other users to view. That would definately appeal to me.

  5. Hi Angjer,

    It sounds a pretty interesting site, and could be so useful when I plan to travel! And, I think there’s a minor spelling mistake as journal is correct, not journel. I made spelling mistakes too, and Kris, who one of our classmates suggested that there’s a good little plugin for word press that replaces the stock editor that includes a spell check function. Its called fckeditor and helps save time a lot as she said. I will try it!

    • Hi Claire,

      Thanks for pointing that out to me. I think the stock editor did not point out this spelling mistake to me but its my fault for getting it wrong.


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